DeVignier Designs

Renee Biery

Renée deVignier Biery, ASID, is the founder and principal of deVignier Design, Inc., a full service interior design studio based in Wilmington, Delaware. The practice covers a wide range of residential work, from renovations of country estates to new construction. In addition to interior decoration, Renée is experienced in technical architectural development and frequently collaborates on the design of many types of building projects. She received her formal training and graduated with distinction in 1994 from the New York School of Interior Design.

For Renée, design is a lifelong calling. It is a throughline of home life, from the traditional American houses of her hometown, Wilmington, and her deeper family roots in the South, to a distinguished professional career in New York City, and back again to the Delaware Valley.

Across this map of influences, design has given Renée a sense of place that is both local and original: a common language of big, rambling homes filled with proper antiques, bridged to elegantly refined city living. She views traditional design with an edge, transforming classically composed rooms with easy familial comfort but also elements of subtle modern luxury. Thorough attention to built detail is always the starting point for a project, and each architectural style is considered with an expert knowledge of period and form.

Renée’s approach is guided by a truly personal collaboration with her clients. Her aim is to have each project reflect individuals in their own tastes and routines, so that “if I do my job right, the resulting house will look like the homeowners, not me.” She is fully involved, from idea to installation, in interpreting the specific needs that will create an authentic lifestyle for each house. The trust born of this process is the key that unlocks the design to come.