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Specializing in carefully designed homes that are not only meant to be lived in, but also loved. Our expertise lies in creating spaces that function seamlessly and truly reflect the distinct personalities of the individuals who bring them to life. 

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Ideal for large scale interiors projects that will not require a general contractor.

large scale construction

At the heart of our firm, this service embodies our passion for crafting and transforming entire homes. We take pride in overseeing every aspect, from initial conceptual design to flawless execution. 

Ideal for large-scale projects that include construction, furnishings and decor.

Ideal for clients seeking to revitalize their homes while preserving the existing structure, our services cater to those who desire transformative makeovers without major renovations. 

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Home is not just a place, it is a feeling crafted by thoughtful design. Our design work is curated and executed to match your vision and bring your dream home to life. 

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meet the designer, creator, and expert.

Renée Biery is a Luxury Interior Designer, Podcast Host and Construction Expert. 

Educated at The New York School of Interior Design and employed by AD Top 100 firms, Renee has built an impressive resume. For the past three decades, she has created a niche expertise in managing large scale constructions from renovations to new builds. 

Even more impressive? Her passion to give back. Over the years, the industry has applauded her transparency and tactical advice to fellow designers. Today, she is on a mission to instill confidence in designers through her course, The Interior Designer’s Guide To Construction Management ™ - a 6 part digital course. 

As a noted industry leader, she has been applauded by the likes of Washington Post and Miami Herald and has shared her expertise on LuAnn Nigara’s podcast. 

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Renée Biery

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only girl on the jobsite™

By Renée Biery

Whether you are just starting out or have been managing construction projects for a while we will elevate your craft and unlock a world of inspiration with The Only Girl On The Jobsite™ podcast. Renée, a seasoned interior designer with 30 years of experience managing construction projects, shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences in a captivating and relatable way. 

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Interior Designer's Pre-Renovation Checklist


Set your client, project, and yourself up for success with our ultimate jumpstart resource. Build a solid foundation for success and leave chaos behind. Get your copy now and embark on a successful project—no more uncertainty, just confidence and shining expertise. This checklist is the perfect guide for kickstarting your projects to success. 

Done-For-You Construction Management Workbook


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Master your client's renovation projects with confidence. Our guide reveals the exact steps I take with my projects, setting you up for success every time. Say goodbye to guesswork and overwhelm. Focus on what matters most & precisely when it's needed so you can elevate your projects to new heights with a proven roadmap.

The Interior Designer's Guide to Construction Management

online course

Unleash your potential as an interior designer with The Interior Designer's Guide to Construction Management. Gain exclusive access to essential knowledge and skills, increasing your confidence and setting yourself apart from the competition. Revolutionize your career and become an industry expert. Enroll today and elevate your professional path.

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