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Renée Biery

Renée Biery is a Luxury Interior Designer, Podcast Host and Construction Expert Featured by Washington Post, New Old House, Miami Herald and Homes & Gardens.  

Educated with distinction at The New York School of Interior Design and employed by AD Top 100 firms, Renee has built an impressive resume. For the past three decades, she has created a niche expertise in large scale construction from renovations to new builds in Wilmington, DE and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, The Jersey Shore, Main Line PA, and more. Most recently she cut the ribbon on a 13k square foot new build home created for an active family of five. Balancing a workload of large scale construction projects and simultaneously spearheading expansive furnishings projects, Renée showcases her exceptional ability to seamlessly navigate both realms of design and construction.  

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In addition to her client work, Renée Biery, regularly educates fellow designers on running streamlined construction projects from new builds to large scale renovations through her course The Interior Designer’s Guide to Construction Management and Only Girl On The Jobsite™ podcast which has 100+ episodes. It is her mission to instill confidence and serve designers as they navigate complex construction projects. 

In her free time, she is traveling – whether it is a family ski trip, lazy days at the beach or adventurous trips to Europe with her husband, teenage son and daughter and mischievous dog. Renee enjoys exploring different architecture, color, patterns and cultures to inform the luxury design she delivers to clients and the experiences she shares with fellow designers through mentorship.



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