By Renée Biery

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Add-on’s, renovations, and new construction homes can seem intimidating to take on. How do you even get started? How do you find and manage contractors? What surprises should you anticipate coming up? How long do these things take?

In this podcast, you will learn all that and so much more!

Paint Colors of the Year – Should You Follow the Trends?

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What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Should you follow color trends

  • How to sample paint colors properly

  • Choosing the colors that are right for you

A new year, a new paint color.

Do you follow the trends when it comes to choosing paint colors? Honestly, I don’t know any project you may take on that doesn’t include painting.

I felt it was important to dig into how to how to handle all of the information coming at you, how to sample and view colors properly, and how to find the right colors for your home, no matter what project you are working on.

You chose your home for a reason, and you are the one that has to look at your walls every day. No matter what your friends and family say or what trends you see in magazines or on television, you have the power to make the color decisions for yourself. 

The bottom line is your house should reflect YOU.

So, my advice is to take these trends as suggestions, not declarations. But no matter what color you choose, you are the one living there so be sure it makes you happy.

Thanks to one of my listeners for sending in the suggestion for today’s topic. If you have a topic you’d like me to discuss connect with me on social media @devignierdesign or send me an email at

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