By Renée Biery

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Add-on’s, renovations, and new construction homes can seem intimidating to take on. How do you even get started? How do you find and manage contractors? What surprises should you anticipate coming up? How long do these things take?

In this podcast, you will learn all that and so much more!

How to Hire the Team for Your Project…..the Right Way

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Construction Management Workbook

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • The first step in finding the right team for your project

  • Questions you need to be asking before you hire someone

  • Some of my personal experiences that you can learn from, too!

It is finally feeling like fall around here, and each year the seasons seem to get shorter and shorter, so I savor every week I can. I hope you are feeling some sort of fall where you are as well. 

Typically this time of year is when people start gearing up for home renovation projects. I honestly don’t know why that is! Maybe because everyone’s schedules are chaotic in the summer. Or maybe it’s because kids are more underfoot, they’re not in school and there’s no routine. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of that. 

I know my phones have been ringing off the hook as well as my contractors. And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about today. 

I can’t stress enough the importance of hiring the right contractor for your project. There are many different size contractor companies you can choose from, so it’s important to get the right fit for your project. And I’m not talking about just the physical fit, I mean the right fit for you – the homeowner, the client, the one that will be managing the project day after day. 

I have been a part of too many teams where it was just the wrong fit. If you have listened to me in the past you know I really enjoy what I do. And so for me to say that projects aren’t fun that’s because it’s a bad fit, and it’s really something I don’t say lightly. 

What happens when things aren’t a good fit?

Well, they often are not smooth projects. And it’s likely because no one really wants to be working with each other. 

You’ve probably had that experience with a co-worker who just sort of bugs you. Maybe they’re obnoxious, maybe they actually go against you in front of the boss, all sorts of scenarios, but you just don’t really like them. Well, this happens on job sites. All these guys are bringing different personalities to the job site and so if we’re not all getting along, it’s never going to be a smooth project. You’re living in the house every day, so it can be taxing both emotionally, mentally, and even financially.

Living in these projects where it’s loud, they’re odors, it’s messy – it’s a really taxing situation! Getting the right team, getting the foundation as perfect as you can is really the key to the success of any project you’re going to take on.

So if you are looking for a contractor, and don’t even know who to start calling, or what to do don’t worry! That is to be expected, and in today’s episode, I will share with you how to find the right contractor that is the perfect fit for you.

I share lots of details about this important topic of hiring your team in today’s episode, but you can also find more information on these topics in my construction workbook that I mentioned in today’s episode here as well as many other resources on my website!

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