By Renée Biery

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Add-on’s, renovations, and new construction homes can seem intimidating to take on. How do you even get started? How do you find and manage contractors? What surprises should you anticipate coming up? How long do these things take?

In this podcast, you will learn all that and so much more!

Season two

what people are saying about the podcast...

Renee offers a wealth of knowledge in these short episodes that are packed with nuggets of information. Her knowledge & expertise has really helped me fine tune my management skills. She keeps it real & I never end an episode without feeling more empowered & confident. I took her course as well & it has really helped elevate our client experience. What I love most is she speaks in a language that is easy to understand & the episodes are short enough where I can squeeze in an episode while at the gym or walking my dog. Thank you Renee for your contribution to this Industry. I look forward to each new episode.

a wealth of knowledge

Worth 10 stars! Renee is incredibly generous with her insights and knowledge in empowering designers to grow in confidence in renovation management. Before Renee I didn’t even realize this was an area I can focus in! Every podcast has provided take-aways that I can implement and increased my confidence in this industry. Renee breaks down the isolating barriers of this field, by providing personal and practical resources that are empowering and motivational for the next renovation management project.

Generous insights - worth every minute!

Rene‘s podcast has been pivotal in my career. She is so honest, open, and real about the reality of being a designer and also performing renovation management. I am starting to branch into more renovations and construction projects from just doing interior decorating. If it wasn’t for Rene‘s podcast I don’t feel like I would be nearly as confident in my abilities to take on these larger scale, renovation projects. Every time I hear one of her episodes, I gave more faith in myself and learn key pieces of advice to implement. The information she freely shares on this podcast is priceless! Give it a listen you won’t be disappointed!

Priceless information!

Only Girl on the Jobsite is a top notch podcast that uplifts the interior design & construction industry through the educational & empowering support of an industry leader who wants the best for everyone in the industry. Can’t say enough wonderful things about the content and creator! However much experience you have in the industry, there’s always more to learn and Only Girl on the Jobsite shares digestible knowledge bites every week! Thank you Renee!

Educational // Supportive // Motivating

As a new designer, I listen to a lot of interior design podcasts. This one however is truly unique in that it focuses on an often not discussed aspect of the field, renovation management. It demystifies the vital components of making a home renovation project truly run smoothly. And if you are a home owner, there is also tons of valuable content if you are managing your own renovation. Renee has been in this field for decades and truly knows her stuff! I’ve been impressed with all the episodes and look forward to new releases each week.

Home renovation and design support!

I recently discovered Renee's Podcast & haven't been able to stop listening since. Her knowledge & experience is so valuable & her topics are so relatable. She gives me the confidence I need to become better with each project by implementing her easy to follow tips. It would have taken me years to learn the valuable lessons she shares on so many different topics. So grateful to be a part of her wonderful community of helping to empower women.

Confidence Booster!

I have been a designer for 25 years. Renee’s podcast is a MUST SUBSCRIBE whether you’re a designer or homeowner considering a remodel. Each episode is well-curated, leaving no topic uncovered. It’s clear Renee is experienced and savvy. Renee has an easy, natural way of speaking to the audience as if you’re friends.

MUST SUBSCRIBE whether you’re a designer or homeowner

This is exactly the information I needed

Everybody knows that home renovations are stressful, no matter who you hire or how big or small. I’m so happy I found this podcast. Renee takes the mystery out of a lot of this stuff, like how to hire a contractor and what to expect once you do. I listened to the first episodes all in one day and can’t wait for more. Everybody thinking about doing a remodeling project, big or small, should listen to this podcast first.

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